Allah is everywhere...(",)

Allah is everywhere...(",)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Contoh minit mesyuarat dalam bahasa Inggeris

Contoh minit mesyuarat dalam bi


Meeting            : 3/2004
Date                 : 10/08/2004
Time                : 9.30 am
Venue               : Bilik Majlis, Tingkat 100, Bangunan 11, BIRM Berhad, Shah Alam


1.         Tn Hj Habibullah bin Habib (Chairman)     Jabatan Mineral dan Geosains
2.         Ms Siti Fatimah Azzahra Lingkom              BIRM Berhad
3.         Mr Muzay Alimonahtu                            Pusat Penyelidikan Mineral
4.         Prof Madya Dr Luay Bakar Hussain        USM
5.         Dr Ahmad Badri Ismail                          USM
6.         Prof Madya Dr Wan Fuadah Wan Jamak UKM
7.         Pn Leg Chew Foot                                 Jabatan Kimia Malaysia
8.         Mr King Kong Kean Bengkeng                            Nihon Superior (M) Sdn Bhd
9.         Pn Rohaidahasu Ibrahimah                                SQAS International
10.       En Abdul Azizi Haronah                          SQAS International

Absent with apology:

1.         Mr PhavandeepANNN Singh                               Kota Minerals & Chemicals
                                                                       (Kemaman Supply Base)
2.         Mr Lim Ngangunag Chuangaa                            Multi Minerals Laboratory Services
3.         Mr Jamaluddin Hassan Hj Mustaffa                     Perwaja Steel Sdn Bhd

1.         Chairman’s opening remarks

The chairman welcomed all members to the third meeting of the year.

2.         Adoption of agenda

The proposed agenda was accepted without amendments. Agenda of meeting was as follows:

1.             Chairman’s opening remark
2.             Adoption of agenda
3.             Minutes 2/04 confirmation
4.             Matters arising
5.             Deliberation of MS 870 Soft solder and relevant ISO
6.         Other matters
7.         Adjournment of meeting

3.    Confirmation of minutes (2/2004)

The minutes of the last meeting (2/2004) were noted and approved as true record of the meeting with minor amendments on the numbering.
Proposer: Mr Muzayin Alimon
Seconder: Prof Madya Dr Wan Fuad Wan Hassan

4.    Matters arising

4.1       Item 4.1          Representatives from electronic manufacturers

Prof Madya Dr Luay expressed that USM has a compiled list of the manufacturers. Dr Luay will email to secretary this list for onward actions.
(Action: Prof Madya Dr Luay)

4.2       Item 5.2          MS 866 – Specification for barytes used in oil-well drilling & ISO 13500: 1998

Secretary reported that ‘ISO 13500: 1998 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Drilling fluids materials – Specifications and tests’ has been forwarded to ISC H on Petroleum and Gas. Member will be informed of the ISC H decision as soon as they had their next meeting, which is scheduled on late August/ early September.
(Action: Secretary)

4.3       Item 5.3          MS and ISO standards on copper

Members agreed during previous meeting that MS 886 should be withdrawn and replace by ISO 10258, ISO 10469, ISO 9599 and ISO 10378. Members also agreed since there is no correspondence ISO to MS 877, it should be reconfirm as the contents are still current.

MS 886 – Methods for the determination of moisture content and chemical analysis of copper ores and concentrates
JIS M 8121: 1997
ISO 10258, ISO 10469 and ISO 9599
JIS M 8111: 1998
ISO 10378
MS 877 – Method of sampling copper ores and concentrates
 JIS M 8101: 1988
-not available-

Secretary circulated all four ISO stds to seek consensus for Public Comment September. Members are to get back to secretary by 24th of August should there be any comments. If there is no objection from members, all four will be released for September Public Comment as total adoption of the ISO standards.
 (Action: All members)

4.4       Item 5.4          JIS H 0321 – General rules for inspection of non-ferrous metal materials

Secretary reported that the proposal to deliberate on the above has been accepted during the last ISC B meeting. This item will be included in the TC work programme and deliberated later.


5.    Deliberation on Malaysian Standards

5.1  Deliberation on MS on soft solder and relevant ISO

5.1.1    Deliberation on MS 870

Dr Ahmad Badri reported to the meeting on the values of SG for the Tin Silver and Tin-Copper alloys.

Tn Hj Jamaluddin was to assist on inserting the nomenclature of ISO 9453 accordingly into Table 1 and had submitted the amended table to secretary for onwards actions.

The amended Table 1 was circulated to members for further discussion and members agreed that there should be more lead free solder included. Therefore it was agreed that a separate Table 2 will be drafted to specifically addressed lead free solders. Prof Madya Dr Luay and Dr Badri had agreed to assist on drafting Table 2 and will submit to secretary for onward actions by next meeting.
(Action: Prof. Madya Dr Luay and Dr Ahmad Badri)

Members also deliberate on MS 870 thoroughly. Secretary is to include the agreed changes accordingly. The draft will be final check in the next meeting.

(Action: Secretary)
5.1.2    Deliberation on relevant ISO stds on solder

Members agreed during the previous meeting for ISO 1224-1 and ISO1224-2 to be adopted.

Std number


ISO 1224-1: 1997
Soft wire, solid and flux cored – Part 1: Classification and performance requirements
ISO 1224-2: 1997
Flux cored solder wire– Part 2: Determination of flux content
ISO 1224-3: 2003
Solder wire, solid and flux cored – Specifications and test methods – Part 3: Wetting balance test method for flux cored solder wire efficacy
ISO 9454-1
Soft soldering fluxes – Classification and requirements – Part 1:Classification, labelling and packaging

Secretary circulated both ISO 1224-3 and ISO 9454-1 for members to go through. Members agreed that all 4 would be deliberated further in the next meeting.

The meeting also agreed for the new proposals for all four for total adoption, to be submitted for ISC B acceptance and hence will be included in the TC work programme.
(Action: Secretary)
6      Adjournment of meeting

The chairman thanked all members for being present for the day. There being no other matter to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 12.30 noon. Next meeting was set tentatively on 21 of September 2004.



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